Web Analytics

Web Analytics expert who can understand your measurement objectives, who know how tools like Google Analytics can help, analyses your analytics data, and manage your making right business decisions and further measures performance. Ocean Web Solution Pvt. Ltd. have a team of Google Analytics certified professionals having experience in helping many organizations globally with every aspect of digital analytics right from set up & reporting to market research & analysis with actionable insights.

Deciding to Web Analytics a health information program with community partners is a creative opportunity. You may be starting a new type of program or finally getting to something for which you’ve seen a need for a long time. Either way, you have a fresh and the chance to think about the program’s goals and its hoped for impact. Goals are the starting point for planning a program. Remember that a program’s success will rest, in part, on whether you have buy-in from key stakeholders of the group you want to reach. Planning for goals they find important will make your project relevant, help to ensure sustainability, and encourage participation and partnerships.

Ocean Web Solution Pvt. Ltd. has designing perfect web analytics implementation for every business small or big. If you are using Google Analytic, our team define a code snippets &specific product features in our implementation plan to help you take true business decision &improve productivity.

Once you release the first version of your software product and the marketing machine is starting to roll on, you might think about what to do next. You probably think about all the great features which haven’t made it into the 1.0 and are now waiting to be implemented. You can’t wait to start your editor and start hacking right away. But wait! Think twice about what you do next, because adding features to software is quite different after you released it.

The Advanced reporting suite enables you to get a bird’s eye view of your helpdesk as well as your customer base. It also enables you to generate time sheet reports which you can use to invoice your clients and generate customer satisfaction reports to understand the satisfaction levels of your customer.